For this assignment, write a 5–10 page report examining th

For this assignment, write a 5–10 page report examining the types of securities in your bank’s investment portfolio. You will also make some inferences about the factors that played a role in the selection of securities for that portfolio. The possible factors are discussed in your text and this assignment also examines the maturity structure of your bank’s securities portfolio.Investment DataAccess the data for your chosen bank through the FDIC’s Statistics on Depository Institutions. Use the Statistics on Depository Institutions (SDI) to create a four-column report of your bank’s information and its peer group information. This report should span across the years. Note: For Report Selection use the pull-down menu to select Securities and view this in Percentages of Total Assets.AnalysisFor your analysis consider the following questions:How has the relative size of your bank’s securities-to-total assets changed across the periods?Does your bank have more or less liquidity than the group of comparable institutions?Using the chart function in Microsoft Excel and the data by columns, create four pie charts illustrating the profile of securities held by your BHC and its peer group. Provide titles, labels, and percentages.Using the above information, create a report of your bank’s securities portfolio and how it compares to its peers. Provide inferences concerning the factors, such as expected return, interest rate risk, and others, affecting the choice of securities.Inferences for the IndustryBased on the analysis of the investment portfolio for this company, and bank management theory, as covered in course readings and research, what strategies and recommendations can you offer for managing the sources of bank funds? Provide support for your position from relevant sources.I have attched the previous paper that i have done for this course. It will help work on this paper. link will help as provide what has been asked in this paper.

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