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For this assignment, locate and research an advertising agen

    For this assignment, locate and research an advertising agency that works with national or international clients and accounts. Complete an analysis of the agency, including the following information in your analysis:An overview of the agency, the locations of its offices, and the key members of staff and managementSome of the key clients the agency is currently working withThree examples of advertisements developed by the agency for national or international clientsThe departments within the agencyA summary of the responsibilities of all departmentsDeliverablesYour research, analysis, and discussion submission should be 300–500 words long.Use proper MLA formatting.________________________________________________________________________________________   For this assignment, you will be exploring and researching different types of research. Using the textbook, lectures, and outside sources, locate and discuss the following:Define primary research. Provide some examples of primary research that your client might use to gather information.Define secondary research. Locate an example related to the industry your chosen client is in.Review the primary and secondary research you have found and identify whether you would use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods to analyze that data.DeliverablesYour total research, analysis, and discussion submission should contain 300–500 words.Utilize proper MLA formatting.

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