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In this assignment, you will design a task analysis for an everyday behavior, which allows you to see how many steps are in each small task and how easy it is to forget steps. Allowing you to rework your analysis after attempting it helps demonstrate that your plans should always be considered a work-in-progress.

Choose one of the following tasks, and design a task analysis around it: Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwichMaking a bed (starting with the fitted sheet on the bed)Brushing your teethPutting on and tying your shoeWashing your hair in the shower

Include all the necessary steps to complete the task.

Ask someone follow your steps and make note of what you missed or forgot.

Rewrite the task analysis based on that information, and submit the task analysis with a 175-word reflection on what following these steps taught you about task analysis and ensuring you include all the required steps.

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