First of all my budget is very generous for this – It is not

First of all my budget is very generous for this – It is not too difficult. Please bid and complete in a timely manner.1.In the first case study of Southeastern Medical College in Chapter 4, describeand explain the kind of billing scheme that was perpetrated. In the last casestudy in Chapter 4, describe and explain what kind of scheme Albert Miano used.How were the schemes different? Similar?2.Describe how a scheme in in which an employee fraudulently orders merchandisefor his/her personal use differs from a scheme in which an employee stealsmerchandise from the company’s warehouse.3.Describe and explain the kind of fraud Melissa Robison committed (the firstcase in Chapter 5). What kind of scheme did Ernie Phillips use (the last casein Chapter 5)? 4. What happened to each fraudster in these four cases? Whatenabled them (allowed them) to be able to commit their frauds? Do you see atheme in what allows someone to be able to commit a fraud without beingdetected immediately?No word limit for the questions – just ensure that they are answered. Please see the attachment for the cases. They are short.This must be submitted within the 2 hour timeline given. Do not bid if you cannot do this.Thank you.

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