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Fill in the words or phrases that best complete the sentence.

    Fill in the words or phrases that best complete the sentence.

    1. _______ is the sum of all of the chemical reactions in the body, while _______ refers to chemical reactions that decompose large molecules into smaller ones.
    2. _______ is the chemical reaction in which there is a gain of electrons and it is the opposite of _______.
    3. _______ is a coenzyme that carries hydrogen atoms during coupled _______ reactions in the cell.
    4. _______ is made primarily in the mitochondria by a process called _______.
    5. _______ is a set of reactions in which there is the breakdown of glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid, and _______ is the formation of glucose molecules from noncarbohydrate sources.
    6. _______ transport lipids in the bloodstream; they include VLDLs, LDLs, and HDLs. In lipolysis, _______ are split into fatty acids and glycerol.
    7. _______ is the molecule that enters the Krebs cycle; it is also used to synthesize fatty acids, ketone bodies, and _______.
    8. _______ is the primary hormone regulating metabolism during the absorptive state; the major task of the _______ state is to maintain the normal blood glucose level.
    9. The metabolic rate observed when a fasting individual is resting but awake and is experiencing comfortable conditions is called the _______. Peripheral _______ allows increased blood flow to superficial tissues of the body to release excess heat.
    10. _______ is the most abundant cation in the extracellular fluid; proper levels of this ion are critical for nerve impulse conduction and maintenance of _______ balance.

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