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1st deal only needs to be 2-3 paragraphs.

Consider a time when you helped a friend or family member. Describe how your process of understanding the problem and offering assistance compared to the different phases…

2nd deal. This only needs be 1 page

Select one client-facing role that is used by human services professionals within the organization you selected for your final project. In this case family Houston in Houston tx. It’s a social service agency…..use that.. name the role, explain the different responsibilities of the profession, and provides examples of how this role relates to the steps of the larger helping process used.

Third deal just need a half page here. review the code of ethics for counselors, psychologists, social workers, and human services professionals. How are these codes similar and different? How closely does the Human Services Code of Ethics fit with your personal values? Which parts of the Human Services Code of Ethics will you have the least and most difficulty following?

4th deal only need half page here.

you have learned about the field of human services, its agencies, clients, and trends that impact service delivery. You have also learned about the code of ethics. Describe what you have learned so far that you can apply to your everyday life and career goals.


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