Question regarding our products and services

We provide assignment help services. That include writing essays, research papers, term papers, homework and assignments, admission letters, and ideally any writing done in the school context. Services outside the school context include drafting resumes and CVs, proofreading, and data entry. 

First, you have the privilege to set the deadline. This is the latest time within which your order must be completed. However, depending on the extent of research, workload, and availability of our writers, the project may take incredibly shorter time to complete. Usually, we shall keep you updated in case of a merging issue.

Yes. We offer editing and proofreading services. These are usually continuation to work that you have already begun, or you are almost at completion. Our team will check improve quality and advise if there is something you may need to know.

Academic writing services are designed for all students. Therefore, students in high school to universities are eligible for our products. Besides, we serve a wide variety of subjects. Rarely shall we turn you back.

Questions about order processing

Your information will never be distributed as per our privacy terms. Your contact details will remain confidential with the management, and writers will never know you personally. This ensures there is no bias, and your procurement is protected.

One way to check originality of a paper is by checking plagiarism. We make sure to prove the paper is 100% plagiarism free before submitting the paper to you. We will also send you a free plagiarism report.

If you choose to keep your procurement secret, we shall support that. We are aware that some institutions are against this service. That is why we have made sure even the billing system does not show that you procured academic writing services.

Part of our agreement with you is to offer quality. That is why we allow unlimited revisions until you get what you are looking for. You can always make sure the writer is sufficiently aware about your expectations by talking to them through the on site messaging system.

Questions concerning costs

Unfortunately you cannot negotiate the price. Our pricing is significantly affordable, and you can design your payment plan. That will depend on the urgency, amount of work, and academic level.

All customers are eligible for bonuses, some of which are offered periodically. We shall post discount codes on the website, and others will be sent to your email. Post an order now and check if a bonus code will be sent to your email.

On the home page, there is a calculator with which you can compute the cost of your project. The pricing page has a comprehensive description of our pricing strategy.

Questions about our relationships

Immediately you come on our platform, our support team will welcome you and assist you through the ordering process. If you have any concerns, they will clarify with you. You can also talk with writers regarding an ongoing order through the messaging system.

Definitely! We deliberately hire the best writers who will deliver the promise of our service. Our goals, mission, and vision have thus far succeeded because the expertise of our writers is legit. Check the revises page for more insights.

Absolutely! You can hire a writer who impresses you, or the one who have worked for your former papers. This service is absolutely free.