experiment psychology

Do a complete APA-style report, leaving out only the Abstract section  Some hints by
section follow:
As explained in the background document, there have been similar experiments done, but
none using our precise Stimulus Onset Asynchronies (SOAs).  Therefore you can propose
this experiment as a new one to examine in more depth the time course between SOA and
priming.  You can also mention applications to other independent variables, such as degree of
Asperger’s, bilingualism, etc.  Note that you should also find at least a couple of relevant
articles to cite in support of your proposed experiment.
Give all relevant details, (approximate size of letters, fact that everyone used different
computers, viewing distance was up to participant, number of words in each condition, etc).   
Sub-sections should include
(specify number, rough mix of genders, fact that all are students, etc.)
(pc computers using custom program)
( all repeated measures (since every Participant (P)  participated in every condition), 3
(SOAs) by 3 (prime-word conditions), though only two prime-word conditions will be analyzed,
making it more like a 3 x 2 design.
 Specify step-by-step what each P does.
(You can analyze the results once there are at least 18 people who have put their data in the
spreadsheet.  Leave out your own data)

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