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ES 100 (Sec. 001 004 005)Mid Term AssignmentInstructor Dr

    ES 100 (Sec. 001; 004: 005)Mid Term AssignmentInstructor: Dr. Jerry GarciaSpring 2016 Mid Term is due February 29.  Please upload your paper to BbLearn no later than 11:59PM. The assignment is worth a significant part of your grade – 25 points.  Unlike the think-pieces, which are informal, I expect you to do a few things for the assignments.  I will grade your mid term based on these “things.”   First, be sure to use the text as a guide in answering your question.  While I welcome opinions, you will need to substantiate any of your arguments with citations.  Also, cite all pertinent information from the text or from any other sources you might use, as I will be assessing your critical reading skills.  This does not mean copying and pasting from a website or placing a long quote from the text into your paper.  (4 points)  Second, (this should be obvious, but it still happens) be sure to check for spelling and grammar before turning in your assignment.  Also, be sure that some of the informal writing that happens in think-pieces and emails doesn’t get translated into sloppy work for assignments.  (6 points) Third, I will be assessing the papers on effort, thoughtfulness, and content.  While seemingly subjective terms, these elements are the types of elements you know when you see them (don’t expect to just get by).  (15 points)   Finally, here is some information on the assignments directly from the syllabus:  The writing assignments are designed to help you to think critically about specific questions dealing with Ethnic Studies.  You will write on the question, which is listed below.  The mid term is a minimum 1000 words.  If your paper does not meet the 1000 word minimum it will not be accepted. All assignments must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and an acceptable 12-point font such as “Times New Roman.”  Statement on plagiarism and cheating:  “I will not tolerate cheating of any kind.  Cheating and plagiarism will result in automatic failure in the course.  In your answers, you must cite each reference and direct quotes.  If you are not sure how to cite a source, please contact me.” Remember, if your SafeAssign report is larger than 10% do not submit, but re-evaluate and make sure every thought and idea is accounted for. If you have done everything humanly possible to account for a high percentage report send me an email explaining why your paper is still over 10%.Good luck and please contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc.  Please answer the following question: Identify, compare, contrast, and discuss distinctive aspects and historical experiences of [Mexican] Americans with that of the Chinese American and Japanese American experience. I will assess the papers on effort, thoughtfulness, content, knowledge of the groups, nuances or commonalities and differences, clarity, and originality.   Attachments:  es_100_mid_term_s20161_4.docx

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