EQUITY RESEARCH REPORT / COMPARISON.&nbsp Equity reports are ge

EQUITY RESEARCH REPORT / COMPARISON.  Equity reports are generally produced for individual companies.  However, you will be preparing a COMPARISON of your two companies.  Pretend you are a Financial Advisor.  Your client informed you that he wants to invest $1MM of his retirement in ONE of the two companies you are researching.  Your goal is to prepare a robust, well researched report that concludes with a recommendation of one company.FORMAT.  APA format.  5 pages of content (minimum)  10 pages maximum.  Page 6 and 7 are the cover page and sources page.  Abstract page is not required.GRAMMAR.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation, highlights, and business clarity/brevity all count.SECTIONS OF PAPER.  You should have the following sections in your paper: Basic Information, Analyst Opinion and Summary, Key Highlights of Both Companies, Snapshot of the Industry, Financial Ratio Analysis, Valuation Analysis, and Investment Risk Factors.HOW TO REFERENCE.  Do not cut and paste your Benchmark, Page 2 or your Balanced Scorecard into this report.  You can reference and include ‘key data’.

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