Empirical Research Analysis………..NO PLAGARISMMM!!!!!! WILL BE REPORTEDDD!!!!


Critical thinking and research are important components for academic success. Research is required through scholarly sources which can be located within the library site. Establishing a foundation of solid research skills will assist you throughout the course.  Locate through the library a scholarly journal empirical study based upon the topic of your choice of which we have discussed to this point. The topic must elaborate what we have discussed and it must be a correlational study not a descriptive component. For example the impact child rearing practices has on development, or the impact of cognitive development and moral development. etc… You are looking for a  correlational effect article, therefore do not use a descriptive study. Focus on the directions of how to write your assignment.

 You are to select any article that relates to the topic of your choice.  After reading the article you are to In bulleted format only identify and explain each of the following components and use the following headings: Research Method….. Explain the type of research method employed…qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods… Describe how the method was used in the study and give your view on the method selection and its effectiveness in this study Population of the study… address who the population of the study was  with specifics  Location of the study…where the study took place specifically Implementation of the study….discuss the process of how the study was implemented specifically.  Results of the study….what the results were specifically. Include at least 6 factual points of the study.
6 factual explanatory points which you researched from within the article…do not quote the points but you do need to cite them and explain the points and your views along the way Your conclusion of the article (this should be the only area if you are going to write in first person) Look at the articles posted  within the folder How To Understand Reading Research Articles to assist in reading scholarly articles Reference the article in APA format with a reference page Minimum word count 500 -750 to connect to topic in a minimal substantial manner….  Follow directions and this is formal writing, not informal or personal opinions, rather factual inclusions must be addressed and not ink first person Do not copy and paste any information, no quotes, in text citations required where needed
Grading: depth, critical analysis, summarization of facts, writing process, word count, APA formal, following directions

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