EDUC 6357 family influences

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In Week 3 you interviewed a colleague or friend with regard to their discomforts and views related to bias and the role their family had in influencing these views during childhood. For this segment of your assignment, listen to or view the interview and deeply consider the relationship between your Learning Resources throughout this course, what you have learned in this program and this course, and the interviewee’s responses. Then, write a reflection paper that discusses what you learned from this interview; what surprised you, challenged your thinking, dispelled any assumptions, and/or supported and/or contradicted what you have read, viewed, and/or discussed. You are required to include quotes from your interview to provide greater depth to your paper. Please refer to Week 3 Application Assignment: Interview – Family Influence where it says that “you will be asked to quote your interviewee in Part B of this assignment, which you will complete in Week 4.”

Approximate length: 2–3 pages.


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