Edit my Uploaded paper where there are notes from the profes

Edit my Uploaded paper where there are notes from the professor.My Lab My Lab Overview: The HHMI Phagehunters laboratory will be very different from the majority of laboratories that you have previously completed in your other college courses. You will be involved in a semester-long authentic biology research project in which you and your lab partner will discover, characterize, and even name an organism currently unknown to science! Your target is a virus, or bacteriophage, that infects a bacterium known as Bacillus thurengensis (BtK), a harmless organism that is related to Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax, and Bacillus cereus, a human pathogen. You will learn how to do independent research in this laboratory as you master skills like bacterial culturing, pipetting, sterile technique, electron microscopy, DNA isolation and electrophoresis, and many others. This will not be your typical “cook book” lab where you come in each day and perform a set of actions—instead it will be more akin to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, where the decisions that you make one week will dictate your work for the rest of the semester!My Lab Manual is: HHMI Phagehunters lab manualPLEASE I NEED IT 2-4 HOURS FAST

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