Easy C# .net activity! Will only take a few mins, make sure the output looks like the given pic. Need .cs file to open in visual studio 2017.

I’m trying to study for my .NET course and I need some help to understand this question.

Write a program which displays the powers of 2 in a table showing n and 2n for n = 1 to 10.

A recursive algorithm for computing a power of 2 is –

    pow2(0) = 1,
    pow2(n) = 2 * pow2(n - 1)

The following are required,

  1. The table must have a header
  2. The power of two must be computed using a recursive method

Hint: Use figure 7.17 as an example of a recursive method and a main method that calls it. You can also look at your activity 5 program to see how to display a table and header.

Sample Output

Power of 2 table

Upload your C# file that contains both the recursive and main methods.


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