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    Easter Seals ( a 501(c)(3) organization (public charity).  For this finalassignment you are to analyze a policy that guides the provision of communityservices for older adults for your non-profit agency. InstructionsAs the American population ages, policy issues related toolder adults and services for seniors are hot political topics.  Identifyan area of policy related to community services for older adults and theirfamilies.  State the facts regarding this policy. Research this area describing significance and issues, recent and pendingactions, and adequacy of the policies in meeting constituents’needs.  Compare and contrast proposed amendments/alternatives toexisting policy and describe policy change that may better meet the needs ofolder people and their families being served by the non-profit agency youselected.  This must be an original paper and may not duplicate onprepared for another course.  This paper should include the followingsections.FACTS: policies, demographics and affected populationsISSUES: detailed discussion of all the relevant issues of the chosen policy on thenon-profit agency you have selected.ALTERNATIVES: detaileddiscussion of possible alternatives/solutions. RECOMMENDATIONS: detailed discussion of one or two possible alternatives/solutions yourecommend and why.  Your recommendation(s) must be one or two ofthose discuss in the alternatives above.POSSIBLE OUTCOMESOF RECOMMENDATIONS: detailed discussion of possibleoutcomes/consequences/results of the possible alternatives/solutions yourecommend in the section above, and why.FUTUREIMPLICATIONS: detailed discussion of the implications of your recommendationsand possible outcomes, and why.SUMMARYCONCLUSIONS:  Summarize your analysis and indicate any personalconclusionsBIBLIOGRAPHY: Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for all references andin-text citations.  A reference list should be included at theend of the document. The length of your project should be no more than 8 pages,double-spaced, not including title and reference pages.  Use one-inchmargins on all sides and include page numbers.

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