Each student will select two (2) articles from a current new

Each student will select two (2) articles from a current newspaper, professional newsletter or magazine that relate to a recreation and leisure issue. What is going on in the world regarding your future profession? Take special notice of issues that also involve a social justice issue (the right for all to have good), the involvement of the recreation and leisure industry in sustainability issues, and articles that might address very specific concerns on healthy life styles. Articles must be current, which means within the last 180 days. You must turn in pdfs of the articles with your paper to receive credit. Your review should be at least 2 pages, written professionally, which means using APA. (There is an outline of APA on Canvas.) It is expected that you will use information from class lecture, readings and additional research to enhance your paper. Think of questions like: What are the main points being presented in the article?What is the influence of this issue on the recreation or leisure industry?How might this issue impact my future in this profession?How might this affect recreation participation?How might this impact the future of humankind?What is my personal opinion of the information presented in this article?(These are possible investigative questions. If you don’t like them, please feel free to come up with your own.)

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