Due 10 P.M. ON ThursdayIf you are not going to do ALL of the

Due 10 P.M. ON ThursdayIf you are not going to do ALL of the requirements below, don’t ask if you can do this assignment for me.  Consumer Behavior Case Application PresentationConsumer Behavior Case Application PresentationCase 3-5: “The Psychographics of Luxury Shoppers” (page 459)Thiscase study application presentation Assignment asks you to analyze andgive priority consideration to both rational and emotional aspects ofthe consumer motivational process.Casestudies offer opportunity to consider hypothetical situations. ThisAssignment requires you to provide analysis and recommendations basedupon the information presented in the case plus application ofinformation from the textbook and from at least three additionalrelevant journal articles you choose from the Kaplan Library. Opinionsshould be supported using concepts and terms from these qualityresources.The Consumer Behavior Case Application Presentation should include the following:A title slideA list of presentation contents slideAn introduction to the presentation slideSlideswith accompanying notes in a PowerPoint® presentation, addressing thefollowing aspects of the case. Include thoughtful analysis andrecommendationsMarket Segments: Identify and defend your choice of what segment you feel that products are most likely to become part of the extended self.Motivators:Identify segments more motivated by functional concerns versus thosemotivated by the need to keep up with the latest styles and trends;discuss implications as related to marketing strategy decision-making.Compare and Contrast: Discusswhy Savvy Career Women place great emphasis on clothing and fashionwhile luxury automobiles really are not that important to this segment.Spa Market Segments:Choose two segments which you feel would be viable for differentmarkets for spas. Develop portions of a marketing plan for each segment:positioning statement, media venues, key product service features, andpromotional material.Hawkins, D. I., & Mothersbaugh, D. L. (2010).Consumer behavior: Building marketing strategy(11th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.A Conclusion slideA References slide:Be sure to apply and cite the textbook plus at least three additionalrelevant journal article resources chosen by you from the KaplanLibrary. Any reference listed on the references slide must also beapplied and cited, using APA, within the notes sectionsMechanicsUseMS PowerPoint slides with notes for this Assignment. This submissionshould be approximately 10–12 slides. Put main points with visuals onslides and all elaborative discussion and application of references inthe notes section.Applyrelevant information from your textbook and from at least threeadditional relevant, credible journal article resources, cited withinthe notes section and included on a references slide.Attachments: unit5presentationoutline_2.pptx

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