Drug Addiction

Discussion Board 

250 word count (MUST cite in text) 

DUE TODAY @ 6 p.m. central 

How can the harm reduction model assist an individual to address their abuse issues? How about the disease model? As you engage in conversation about which elements you would want to share with the clinic practitioners, consider differences and similarities between the two models in terms of goals, action steps toward sobriety, and how these two models may work with people across different groups (e.g. gender, generation, culture, etc.), as well as varying stages of readiness for change.   

Now that you have spent several days discussing the hallmarks of each model, which approach do you feel would be more beneficial than the other for the patients and for community interventions in general.  How about for certain groups within the community?  Is there room for both?  As you engage in conversation, be sure to talk about what you would say to convince the practitioners.  

Principles of Harm Reduction

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