Discussion&nbspUniverse BeginningScientists study the stars an

Discussion: Universe BeginningScientists study the stars and planets to learn how the universe was created. Much of the evidence indicates that the entire universe was once densely packed together, and then it exploded into the universe you know today. This big bang theory sets all the planets into motion at once. There are many pieces of evidence supporting this theory.What is the most interesting piece of evidence to you?In your own words, describe what part of the big bang theory that is most interesting to you. Why is this evidence so interesting? How does it make the big bang theory a possibility?Look at Karen’s post:I think it is really neat that there is cosmic radiation left over from the big bang. It sounds scary that there is a glow that is over 14 billion years old, but besides the planets, this is what is left over from the explosion.How could this post be improved? answer

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