Discussion&nbspCredit Report CardNow that you have helped Mrs.

Discussion: Credit Report CardNow that you have helped Mrs. Katz figure out her credit card payments, let’s look at another aspect of credit cards.When you use a credit card and make payments on it, this information is shared with a credit bureau. The credit bureau uses your record of making payments to create a credit report. You might think of the credit report as a report card. Instead of rating you on academic subjects, you are rated on how well you handle credit.In this discussion thread, read the provided resources about credit reports and credit scores, and then find facts to answer these questions. Once you’ve answered the questions, create a brochure or poster that informs consumers (people who spend money) about their credit report. Make sure you address all of the questions in your brochure or poster.What information is included on a credit report and how long does it stay there?What are some actions you can take to earn a good credit score?How do credit reports help lenders and borrowers?

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