Discussion Topic

Topic: Street Art Discussion Topic: Street Art

Below are 2 Street Artists that I have provided for you to see as examples of this discussion topic.

Street art by Evoca1 in Gainesville, Florida, USA  (0ne you are on the site you can click on the image to see more views of the art)

Street Art by Zepha, Vincent Abadie Hafez in Rabat, Morocco for Festival Jidar

Here is a short video that will let you see the process’


The  “Street Art Hub”  link to the left will take you to the website. After you have spent time traveling through the 32+ pages of street art in the site I would like you to:    Select two images from different countries / continents that you personally find of interest. Copy or use the cut tool to copy the image and place artist’s street art into your discussion. Go to YouTube and see if you can locate a short video of their work In your discussion of each artist, you should include: The location of the street art. The name of the artist. Why you selected the work. What is the artist trying to convey in their message on the street? If available, the process by which the artist created the street art. Any other information about the street art content/subject and artists resume that will educate the reader.


Participation in asynchronous discussions is required and graded. To receive ANY credit you must post your initial discussion and one comment on a student’s discussion. There is a minimum of 250 words required in your discussion

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