discussion question on Opioid and Heroin


Human and Family Systems

Substance abuse always affects the family and other systems.  What is ironic (a paradox) is the abuse negatively affects the members of the system, but they also perpetuate the cycle of abuse in ways they don’t even realize.  That’s not to say it is the family’s or friend’s “fault” the person abuses the drugs, but they do contribute to the continuation of it.  There are also many family dynamics that effect it, and are affected by it.

 For this assignment, discuss how “differentiation” and at least one other family systems concept might be considered and used in the process of substance abuse therapy and/or study of the causes and effects.  Your book includes a section on differentiation and other terms, but you may want to look at other sources as well to consider others.  Some common ones include homeostasis, enmeshment (related to differentiation), feedback loops, roles and norms, and family value systems. You could also borrow from module six and include co-dependency as part of this discussion.

 Be sure to use and cite sources (your textbook and/or other professional sources) for the basis of your discussion.  Including personal examples or other illustrations is encouraged as long as they illustrate your post, and are not the primarily content of your post. 

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