Discussion Get GraphicNow that you have examined several gr

Discussion: Get GraphicNow that you have examined several graphic organizers that can be used to analyze literature or plan your writing, you are ready to use them to compare literature. Here’s what to do:Read the excerpts titled ‘Marriage and Love’ and ‘Thoughts on Marriage and ‘Self.’From the Resources section of the course, select the graphic organizer that best applies to each essay.Either open the organizers in Word or draw them on a sheet of paper (you will need to be able to scan your finished papers later if you choose this option).Fill in each organizer with the details from each essay on the pdf.In one or two paragraphs, do the following: Discuss the similarities and differences in the organizational structures of the essays.Describe how each strategy is effective (or not) for presenting the main idea.Please post your response to the Discussion: Get Graphic link and respond thoughtfully to the posts of other students. Please view the discussion rubric for information on how this assignment will be graded.

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