discussion (Alice case analysis)

  Assignment 1: Mental Health Issues

For this assignment, you will analyze a case (Alice) and discuss the characteristics of the disorder. 

Part 1

 The idea is that some of you will discuss one case and then ask questions of the other analysis. When you are analyzing your case, consider many issues such as cultural considerations, social economic status, upbringing, etc. Typically when you are thinking about a case you may view it from a theoretical orientation such as cognitive-behavioral theory, existential theory, humanistic theory, etc. This is certainly not required, but it is helpful to some. Remember this is a hypothetical situation, we are providing diagnosis as an exercise. In real life, we would have a lot more information to make a diagnosis, so don’t worry about guessing in this case!  

Analyze your assigned case in a 300-word analysis and post it to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned

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