Directions&nbspPlease see attached (6) articles.&nbsp Provide ann

Directions: Please see attached (6) articles.  Provide annotated bibliography of each article with the following questions addressed in bibliography and synthesis the summary.  Show how the articles relate to each. Provide a written summary of the key concept(s) for each of the 6 articles.  Consider the following questions and include them in the written summary: 1.     Why were the studies done? What were the populations studied? What did the researcher(s) conclude? 2.     How are the research questions or findings similar/different?3.     What other information about these studies do you believe is unique or important to recall?4.     Are there specific statements made by the authors that you wish to retain?5.     How might these articles compare with others you read?6.     What new ideas can come out of the articles you are evaluating?  750-1,000 WORD COUNT AND THE REFERENCE IS NOT COUNTED IN THE WORD COUNT DUE DATE:  MAY 18, 2016 (WEDNESDAY) NO LATER THAN 8PM EST DUE DATE:  MAY 18, 2016 (WEDNESDAY) NO LATER THAN 8PM EST I WILL USE A PLARGIARMISM CHECK PRODUCT, PLEASE PROVIDE ORIGINAL WORK. THANKS  Attachments: topic_6_art_1.pdf topic_6_art_2.pdf topic_6_art_3.pdf topic_6_art_4.pdf topic_6_art_5.pdf topic_6_art_6.pdf

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