Description of RA 1In this assignment, you will develop an

Description of RA 1:In this assignment, you will develop an advocacy plan based on the scenario below. Your plan will incorporate the relevant American Counseling Association (ACA) Advocacy Competencies and Competency Domains and your approach to facilitating client wellness.Scenario:You have been hired as a counselor in a local community agency that offers services to victims and survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). Your first client is a 25-year-old female war veteran who returned from Afghanistan 1 year ago. She enlisted in the army right after high school and has been married for 7 years. She reports that the physical abuse started in the third year of her marriage. She describes serving in Afghanistan as a ‘piece of cake’ compared to what she experiences at home. Since returning from Afghanistan, and being discharged from the Army, your client acknowledges that her husband has physically abused her at least once a month. She wants to leave but states that she has no place to go and cannot find a job. She expresses disappointment over the treatment she has received from the government since returning home. She suffers from depression and insomnia, and it is believed that she may suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Your client reports that she has lost twenty pounds in the last 3 months. She describes feeling trapped, isolated, alone, and scared and is relying on you to help her. You have been asked to present your case at the treatment team meeting in two weeks. You have decided to prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that emphasizes your advocacy and wellness approach to working with the client.Instructions:Review the ACA Advocacy Competencies and Competency Domains.Click here to read about ACA Advocacy Competencies and Competency Domains.Create a presentation that:Introduces your advocacy plan (who, what, and why?).Elaborates on the relevant competency domains that you believe are most applicable to your work with the client.Describes how you will use the related counselor advocacy competencies to assist your client (be specific regarding each relevant counselor competency per domain).Identifies issues in your client’s life that affect her overall wellness.Includes suggestions to help your client improve her physical, cognitive, emotional, and social wellness.The presentation should include no more than 10–14 slides.The presentation should be created using a Microsoft PowerPoint template that reflects professional, graduate-level scholarship.Your final product will be a 10- to 14-slide presentation written in APA format, utilizing at least five scholarly sources. Your presentation should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.Portfolio Requirement:As a student in the CMHC program, you are required to create a portfolio documenting both your academic work and professional activities completed during your time in the program. The Advocacy in Action presentation is an appropriate piece of evidence to add to your portfolio.

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