describe five different Windows 8.1 features that can be customized or personalized

1. List and describe five different Windows 8.1 features that can be customized or personalized. Explain what a user would want to customize the selected features in Windows 8.1.Why would a user want to do this? Include screen captures. 2. Open the registry on your system and complete a screen capture. Define registry. List and describe the main keys of the registry. What advice would you give to a user about editing the registry? 3. You are a tech in a computer store that sells to home users. Many users have returned to the store complaining their computer is slow or crashes frequently. What features can you configure in Windows 8.1 to increase the customer satisfaction? (text Chapter 9) 4. Go to device manager and expand network adapters. Click on the advanced tab, the driver tab, then driver details. Take a screen capture. Using a File Explorer window take a screen capture of the active computers on your network. 5. Go to Control panel, system and security, then Windows update. Click change settings. Take a screen capture. Why is it important to keep windows up to date? Should this be set to automatically update, why or why not? 6. Take a screen capture using the command prompt to show network settings (MAC address, IPv4 and IPv6


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