Creative writing assignmentThese are my instruction. Please

Creative writing assignmentThese are my instruction. Please read them 2 page Pacing (Scenic, Summary) and 2 page Character/ cultural considerations for my story. Now I need a story from these two pargraph( This is my story JOURNAL ENTRY: A week after their wedding, Nolan and Amanda were filled with excitement and decided to go out for dinner to their favorite restaurant. As the couple strolled down the street, Jack, Amanda’s ex-boyfriend emerged holding a gun in his hands. Jack hadn’t taken his breakup with Amanda so lightly and wanted to get revenge against Amanda for dumping him. With a murderous look in his face, Jack pointed the gun towards Nolan ready to end Nolan’s life in a flash. Nolan froze on his feet as he stared at Jack, his eyes filled with fear and despair. Amanda screamed at the top of her voice begging Jack to stop. As Nolan said his last words, a police car on patrol suddenly appeared from nowhere stopping Jack before he pulled the trigger. Amanda and Nolan remained glued on the spot, even after the police sirens had faded away, trying to digest the events that had just taken place. Jack’s last words were, “You want to live happily ever after, not as long as I am alive. Both of you will die.”) Amanda is black. Jack is black. Nolan is white.This part of my theme. Before we even settled down in marriage, I had asked Amanda if it was possible we relocate to another town. The reason for my proposal was because Amanda and Jack were staying in this city initially and I did not want a situation where they would still meet in the streets and remind each other of the good and bad times they had together before they broke up. My wife Amanda had moved on. The problem was Jack, who constantly wanted her back. The final stroke was when we got married, and Jack realized that he would not have her again. He set out on a mission to ensure that our marriage never lasted.If your not going to do it nor do you have time don’t take the bid.

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