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Create the original (i.e. in provided format) and 3NF depend

    Create the original (i.e. in provided format) and 3NF dependency diagrams as well as an ERD in Visio that captures the information requirements described below.Combine your diagrams and ERD into one file and save in PDF format, and submit your file on Blackboard by midnight on Saturday, October 1. Make sure your name is on your document. File name must follow this convention: YourLastName_Normalization_Fall2016.pdf (for example, Veltri_Normalization_Fall2016.pdf)Any questions regarding the assignment should be directed to your professor and not your classmates. This is an individual assignment and should be completed individually!To document dependencies  you can use the following notation:StudentID –> StLname, StFname, StDOBClassID –> ClassRoom, ClassCapacity, CourseID, InstructorIDInstructorID –> InstructorLname, InstructorFnameCourseID –> CourseName, CourseHrs, CourseDescriptionClassID, StudentID –> GradePlease see the Attached file

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