Create a Lesson Plan for the Given topic

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Create a lesson plan for the given topic

I have attached the lesson plan template, an example lesson plan

I have also given the link to the topic

Develop a lesson plan that follows the 5E learning cycle format. You can use existing resources as long as you provide appropriate citations:

-follow the direction in this file

Learning Cycle Lesson Plan-UpdatedF19.docx

– example

CPALMS – Where Florida Educators Go to Get Bright Ideas. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.

– the lesson i want you to develop

Learning Cycle Lesson Plan Template

LC-LessonPlan (1).docx

pleas follow the direction and the example

just follow the direction and fill the lesson as a temple i put in the question the and the lesson i want to you develop is gas low. I have provided the link above


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