Create 2 lesson plans for the NEW SAT Writing and Language s

Create 2 lesson plans for the NEW SAT Writing and Language section of the test.Each lesson plan must include 2 passages that have a corresponding sheet of 10 multiple questions each which relate to grammar, revising, and editing of the passage (1 lesson plan=2 passages + 20 questions, 2 total lesson plans needed), .  Please use the following as an example. Do NOT simply take a lesson plan off the internet. Note- this sounds hard but it’s not. You find some passages, edit some errors into it, and create questions about the errors- its almost like reverse editing. you do not have to create your own passages. $20 max budget for this.Steps:Look at the exampleFind 2 short passages online, they can be historical, narrative, or argumentativeCreate 10 errors within each passage, number and underline each errorCreate 10 questions for each passage that correspond to the numbered errors in the passageRepeat the above steps for lesson plan 2 and create an answer key for bothTotal you should have:4 passages with 40 corresponding questions. + answer keysmartsclub_sat_writing_and_language_lp3.docx

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