CompleteÂ&nbspthe What is My Level of PsyCap self-assessment.Â

Complete the ‘What is My Level of PsyCap’ self-assessment. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you include the following:Explain why you agree or disagree with your results. Develop strategies to advance your career using your strengths.How can you use goal-setting to increase motivation and improve job performance?How might your engagement as an employee and job satisfaction influence job performance?Discuss at least 5 of the following motivational theories and explain how these can aid in job performance.Extrinsic motivationIntrinsic motivationMcGregor’s Theory X and Theory YMaslow’s Needs HierarchyAcquired needs theorySelf-determination theoryHerzberg’s theory of motivationEquity theoryExpectancy theoryFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.***I agree with my results***

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