Community CorrectionsIncarceration and probation are commonl

Community CorrectionsIncarceration and probation are commonly used in the American correctional system. Incarceration takes away one’s freedom, while probation allows the offender to continue his or her free life as long as he or she meets certain conditions. Probation is one type of ‘community correction.’ In between incarceration and probation are punishments known as ‘intermediate’ or ‘alternative’ sentencings. They may involve some elements of both incarceration and freedom.For this assignment, you have been asked to educate an incoming law school class about the types of community-based punishments their clients may be faced with. Research and review probation and at least three intermediate sentencings. Create an informational handout that describes these sentencings for the students, including their benefits and drawbacks. For each punishment, also describe the purpose or purposes the punishment is intended to serve (rehabilitation, deterrence, etc.) Please use the attached tempate Cite any sources you use on a separate page, following APA guidelinesAttachments: correctionstemplate.doc

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