Coffee Table BookWhat is a Coffee Table Book?It is usually b

Coffee Table BookWhat is a Coffee Table Book?It is usually big.It sits on a coffee table so guests can see it.It is mostly pictures with some text explaining the pictures.Keep these points in mind as you work on this assignment.We have spent some time learning about Stonehenge and the Celts. Now it is time to expand your knowledge. Choose one section of this lesson to research on the Internet.StonehengeCeltic warriorsCeltic LifeNow:Choose your topic.Research the topic on the Internet.Create your book.Use Microsoft Word or any other software you have available.Send the document as an attachment to a message.Your book should be at least 15 pages long.Don’t forget to make a cover page for the book with the title and your name as the author – this counts as a page.The last page has to have the sources for your pictures – this also counts as a page.Click hereto see how your assignment will be graded.Contact your teacher if you have any questions.

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