COERCION AND THE SEX INDUSTRYSince it goes without saying th

COERCION AND THE SEX INDUSTRYSince it goes without saying that adultperformers in the pornography industry almost always freely contracttheir services, why would some feminists be so anxious to claim that inthis matter appearances are deceptive: that they have in fact beencoerced? You often hear the same claim made about another arm of sexcommerce: prostitution. What about that?Criteria’s,  1. 500 to 600 words  more if you feel it necessary to full answer question and elaborate  2. no specific writing style   3. answer the question thoroughly 4. do not just make this a research paper but give a well analysis of the question  5. no plaigarism 6. show knowledge of topic in answer and answer both question presented no shortcuts   7,DO NOT ASK ME FOR MORE MONEY IF YOU BID MY RANGE IS MY BUDGET I CAN AFFORD!!!!!!!!!

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