CMN 507 Scaffolding Exercise #6

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This scaffolding exercise takes the form of a short reflection paper. In this reflection, you will:

(1) Explain what popularization is, drawing on the account provided by Maurizio Gotti in the selection from his “Reformulation and Recontextualization in Popularization Discourse.” Your explanation should be largely in your own words, though you can incorporate a short quote or two.

(2) You’ll then reflect on what is gained when you popularize expert discourses vs. what is lost. As you do so, you can address the case of scientific popularizations (and can reference ideas from Fahnestock), but should also address the matter of the popularization of rhetorical ideas and concepts.

In total, the reflection should be approximately 500 words. Make sure to cite your sources correctly using either MLA or APA style parenthetical and bibliographic citation. As always, see OWL Purdue for guidance:…


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