Cloud Computing&nbsp&nbspPlease respond to the followingexamine

Cloud Computing’  Please respond to the following:examine the grid computing concept and discuss ways it can be used to solve complex scientific problems. Determine how similar approaches may be used in community projects (i.e., distributed digital music archives and libraries).  compare and contrast public, private, and hybrid clouds. Analyze how enterprises could modify their processes and organizational structures to support these varying cloud services.’Software as a Service (SaaS)’ Please respond to the following:analyze how a CIO of a large organization would enable SaaS opportunities in their organization while mitigating the obstacles for cloud computing growth.Analyze service-oriented architecture (SOA) and discuss its evolution since the beginnings of distributed computing concepts. Review how SOA is related to cloud computing and provide an example that supports your answer.’Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)’ Please respond to the following:Examine how IaaS and PaaS trends in cloud computing will impact enterprise security policies in the short and long term. Support your findings with an example of each service in the cloud computing stack.differentiate between physical, dedicated virtual, and shared virtual servers.’Cloud Computing Operating Efficiencies’ Please respond to the following:imagine that you are the CIO of a multinational corporation that requires 100% uptime to its enterprise servers while reducing its budget. Provide at least three innovative ways that you might use PaaS and IaaS to afford such efficiencies. Using Network Attached Storage (NAS) and cloud-based storage as examples, determine at least three evolutionary factors of computing that led to the development of the cloud. Of these factors, select the one that you believe has played the most important role in aiding the development of the cloud. Predict where you see these technologies taking organizations in the future.

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