Choose a publicly traded manufacturing or serviceorganizatio

Choose a publicly traded manufacturing or serviceorganization to be the subject of your work for LASA 1 and LASA 2. (You shouldchoose a different organization than you have used for previous assignments.)Select an organization about which there is an abundance of information madereadily available to the public (via the corporate website, industry publications,business journals, etc.). In preparation for your report, conduct your review of theorganization using the following approach:•Evaluate the company’s business strategy and globalcompetitiveness plan.• What are the internal assessment of fedex using SWOTanalysis.•Assess the What are fedex external environment via anexternal scenario evaluation.•Sketch the company’s organizational structure.•Using the tools what is the business process design, definethe organization’s business process.•Identify any potential ethical issues that may impact thetraditional management functions of the company and recommend preventativemeasures.

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