Chief Human Capital Offier position.pdf&nbsp-This is the positi

Chief Human Capital Offier position.pdf -This is the position I choseSubmit the Interview Questions portion of your selection and onboarding process project. Refer to the Interview Questions Scoring Guide and the project description to ensure you meet all of the evaluation criteria, and be sure to address all of the following required points:Develop an interview structure for your position.Analyze the legal parameters of interviewing candidates. Develop questions that are within the scope of legal limitations and align the applicants’ needs and aspirations with organizational goals and culture.This component requires twelve interview questions, and should include at least:One rapport-building or introductory question.Six competency-based questions.Two hypothetical or situational questions.Two questions to ascertain alignment between the applicants’ needs and aspirations and the organization’s goals and culture.One closing-stage question.

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