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Kloppenborg, T., Anantatmula, V., & Wells, K. (2019). Contemporary project management (4th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Chapter Review Questions p. 200 (Answer questions 1-6)

1. List three reasons why understanding stakeholders is important to successful project management.
2. What is the difference between an internal and external stakeholder?
3. Which three criteria should you consider when prioritizing stakeholders?
4. When should relationship building between the project manager/other core team members and important stakeholders occur?
5. What are some ways to build relationships within the core team?
6. What are some ways to build relationships with key stakeholders?


The length of the paper should be APA format and fully answer all the exercise questions but a minimum of 4 pages is required. No other sources besides the textbook need to be utilized.

References (this does not count toward the required paper length).Use only the attached material.


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