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CE453 Southern California Civil Engineering Highway Flow Equivalent Speed Paper

    I want you to writing summary depende what I give you as fils about Highway Capacity Manual & interchange/Weaving Flow LOS/Capacity:

    1- Roundabout LOS/Capacity instructional materials and the Interchange/Weaving Flow LOS/Capacity instructional materials…both these based on information from the provided Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) chapters. Also per the syllabus, we should schedule a presentation for both of you soon…but that means you would each have to have some instructional materials provided.

    2- Essentially, I am asking you to create examples based on the HCM examples at the end of those respective chapters…the examples at the end of those chapters should provide you a step-by-step to follow and learn what is needed. To be clear, “based on” does not mean replicate those examples…use different numbers and run through the process. If you have questions, you need to ask. In lieu of questions, one might assume you are not working on this.

    Note: I’m going to attach some files like an example and some lectures to help you to writing an new examples with a new idea

    if you have any question ask me .

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