Case Analysis Video Game Console Industry in 2012Read the c

Case Analysis: Video Game Console Industry in 2012Read the case study, “Video Game Console Industry in 2012”on pages 602-612 in the text and address the following questions:Consider an opportunity for a new video game companyentering into the market; Provide the following analysis for the new companylooking to compete:1. Does the Video Game Console Industry have any opportunityfor new entrants?2. Identify Video Game Console Industry performancesurrounding these key issues: ◦Expansion Opportunities◦Operating efficiency◦Growth strategy◦Customer retention◦Cultural Considerations◦Overall Sales◦Competition3.Conduct additional research as necessary to provide themost up to date perspective on this case. Search for the following information:◦Annual Report◦SEC Form 10-K◦Annual Shareholders Proxy Statement◦Competitive/Industry Information4. Identify 3 to 4 key strategies that the new video gamecompany should focus on? Provide examples to support each strategy.5. Would you invest in a new video game startup companyentering under the identified market conditions?  Please explain why or why not.Write between 1,500 words (approximately 3 pages ) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.•Use the written case analysis format to present findingsfrom the case analysis.•Include the following 5 sections:  I. Executive Summary, II.  Statement of the Problem, III.  Causes of the Problem, IV. Decision Criteria andAlternative Solutions, V.  RecommendedSolution, Implementation and Justification.•Present the executive summary on the first page of theassignment along with your name (s), student number(s), course section and duedate.

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