Carter Case AnalysisResources&nbspCarter Case Analysis Scoring

Carter Case AnalysisResources Carter Case Analysis Scoring Guide.Identify and discuss the major issues, themes, needs, and challenges faced by multiracial individuals as presented in the readings of this unit and the Carter Case Study you viewed, and relative to what you learned about racial identity development models.Describe how multiracial individuals are similar to and different from other groups; be sure to address identity development.Consider the case of the Carters from your specialization area (for example, you are a couples or family counselor working with the Carters, James’ school or career counselor, or the mental health or addictions counselor who James’ parents have told him he had to see).What bio-psycho-social characteristics or concerns stand out to you as salient in this case and why?Imagine that you are the counselor—propose three culturally relevant strategies you would use in helping your client to resolve conflicts and to promote optimal wellness and growth in terms of mind, body, and spirit.StudiesReadingsUse your textbook, Sue and Sue’s Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, to complete the following:Read Chapter 2, ‘The Superordinate Nature of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy,’ pages 47–51.Read Chapter 11, ‘Racial/Cultural Identity Development in People of Color: Therapeutic Implications,’ pages 287–311.Read Chapter 12, ‘White Racial Identity Development: Therapeutic Implications,’ pages 313–339.Read Chapter 18, ‘Counseling Individuals of Multiracial Descent,’ pages 425–438.Use the Capella University Library to complete the following:Read Laszloffy’s chapter, ‘Therapy With Mixed-Race Families,’ from the book Re-Visioning Family Therapy: Race, Culture, and Gender in Clinical Practice.Read Alessandria’s 2002 article, ‘Acknowledging White Ethnic Groups in Multicultural Counseling,’ in The Family Journal, volume 10, issue 1, pages 57–60.

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