Can you editing my essay Personal Report and Peer Review Gro

Can you editing my essay Personal Report and Peer Review Group M1 When this group work was started to work together. We decided to meet at first time to choose the three engineering disasters to work on and chosen only one. We choose Space X disaster but because there were not enough information and sources. So we deiced to go to Dr. Donald Balance to change our subject disaster and to choose another subject, which is Al Salam Sinking.After the first meeting we started to use the group forum found on Moodle to post our links for the report. Report: We used different sources for our report and divided the five topics for each member. Gabriele Bergamelli worked on the Introduction and background. Owen Prentice took the causes of the disaster. Jarah Khalaf worked on what changed as result of this disaster. Hamad Aimishari worked on a view on whether this was enough to prevent a similar disaster from happening a gain. Leslie Dooley worked on the outcomes. Poster: The Lecture 7 posters and group working help as to do the poster. Everything was clear and all small details were there. We decided to summaries what we wrote on the report for each member and then pick the most important information for each one and then choose the background of the poster. Owen he was responsible for fitting the sections in the poster. Presentation: After everyone posted his part for the report we had to meet individually to settle our audiology of speaking. At the meeting before the presentation each member of the group represent exactly what he going to say which is helped us to practice and prepare for the presentation and gain more confidence. Later on the presentation was straightforward. Communication: It was very good communications between the group members, we a greed that we going to use Google and the books for the report source to get the information from there. For our communications we did WhatsApp group, which is used often to share our opinions regarding the report and the poster. We also met several times in common room in our Campus. If any member of the group couldn’t come to the meeting due to circumstances, we update everything’s immediately on What’sApp group account. Reasoned Assessment 80 marks were distributed through the group members: Allocated work: 20 marks Gabriele Bergamelli took introduction and back ground of the disaster.He helped with Presentation File structure and design. Allocated work: 20 marks- Jarah Khalaf worked on what changed as result of this disaster and other similar ones.- He wrote 4 pages but due to the weakness in the causes, he had to add some parts to the causes to expand and to make it more consistent. Allocated work: 20 marksOwen Prentice worked on the Causes of the disaster. He was responsible for fitting the information in the poster. Allocated work: 25 marks Leslie Dooley worked on the Conclusion and the structure of the report, also put everyone’s parts together as one single report. He checked the poster before it was submitted. • He created the share file onDrive on the Glasgow University Web site. He also created the Whatsapp group that was used to organise the our meetings. In conclusion, we was managed and organized. We worked together and finish all the group work on time. Efforts of all the group members make our work to finalize the report easy and flexible. We worked as a team so we were able to overcome all of the problems that face us. I am very happy to work with these are the group.

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