Can anyone please debug it. Its supposed to find the deter

Can anyone please debug it. It’s supposed to find the determinant of the matrix and the problem is in the second function. I’m a beginner and it’s due soon. I have spent 12+ hours straight on just debugging. TBH I just want someone to give me the fixed code and give a quick and simple how. Whoever can do that will be rewarded $10. The answers are supposed to be ‘The determinant of the matrix in matrix2.txt is 6080The determinant of the matrix in matrix1.txt is -413’heres the assignment lab1(5).pdf . assume that the header is fine as well as all the other parts cause i tested them. #include ‘lab1.h’void findDeterminant(char filename[STRINGSIZE]){        int det = 0;        int i, j;        int matrix[MATSIZE][MATSIZE];        FILE *fp3=fopen(filename, ‘r’);        for (i = 0; i

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