Assignment: Writing a Short Paper on Plagiarism-Prevention Strategies

This Assignment allows you to apply all of your skills as an academic writer who understands the importance of academic integrity. You will demonstrate skills such as paraphrasing and citing sources when writing a short essay.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Think about Walden’s policy on academic integrity and the strategies you have learned that will help you ensure academic integrity in your work.

The Assignment:

Compose a two-paragraph essay in which you reflect on the importance of academic integrity in higher education. Cite at least two sources you have read or viewed in this course. Feel free to cite other sources to support your paper, including scholarly articles on academic integrity. Organize your essay by writing one paragraph for each of the bullets below: Why is academic integrity important in higher education? What are some examples of academic integrity violations related to course papers, and what strategies can be used to avoid them?

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