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    Write a 3–4-page assessment in which you use research articles to examine how social connections and support can promote physical and mental health.


    To prepare for this assessment, search in the Capella library for research articles on how social connections and support can promote physical and mental health. Choose two research articles to use in this assessment.

    Using the two articles you found, include the following in your assessment. Provide the APA citation for each article.Describe the data collection methods used in the studies you selected.Describe the designs used in the studies.Explain the arguments the authors make to support their positions.Explain the findings of the research.How might you apply these findings to better understand your own relationships with others?

    Your submitted assessment should be 3–4 pages in length excluding title page and reference page. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for format and style. You do not need to use resources other than the two articles you selected, but you may if you wish.Additional RequirementsInclude a title page and reference page.At least two current scholarly or professional resources.APA format.Times New Roman font, 12 point.Double spaced.

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