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Beforepreparing your case write-up, review Case Analysis a

    Beforepreparing your case write-up, review ‘Case Analysis’ and’Requirements for Written Cases’ in the Course Overview. Answerthe following:3.Estimate product costs for valves, pumps, and flow controllers using ABC foroverhead activities (primarily Ex. 1 & 4) and direct cost data from theExhibits.4.Compare ABC costs to the standard unit costs (Ex. 2). Explain what causes suchdifferent results; be specific – use data from the case and your calculations.Hint: examine both the methods and the product characteristics.6.What are the strategic implications of your analysis? What specific actions doyou recommend to Wilkerson’s managers? What are the financial implications ofyour recommendations?**NOTE: Instructions and article will be attached to this once a tutor is selected.

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