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Baylor University Week 5 Foundation of Public Health Project

    Topic 1: Disease Process

    Write an imaginary case study for your hypothetical patient.

    1. Explain how the patient moved through the healthcare delivery system.
    2. With respect to the costs you calculated last week, describe how the patient will pay for the cost of treatment.
    3. Analyze the healthcare delivery system as illustrated in this case. What problems did you notice? Would some people find it difficult to pay for treatment? Are there areas where treatment for this illness is unavailable or unaffordable to the common person?
    4. Provide an overall conclusion for the work that you have done in this project.
    1. Your answers for Topic 1 and Topic 2 should be in about two pages.
    2. Incorporate the feedback you have received from your instructor for all the tasks of the project topic you selected, including the corrective feedback or suggestions for more information.
    3. Ensure that your completed project meets all of the expectations of each week’s tasks.
    4. Combine what you have developed in Weeks 2–5 into a single 14- to 16-page Microsoft Word document, applying appropriate headings and formatting to make it one complete document, including works cited or referenced on the final page of the document. Cite all references in APA format.

    Remember this is a high stakes assignment. Review the rubric prior to completion to ensure you have covered all the necessary points.

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