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Based on The 40 year-old virgin Comedy (2005)Create a 6-sl

    Based on ‘The 40 year-old virgin’ Comedy (2005)Create a 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing your selected genre and how your chosen film fits or does not fit the standard model of the genre.Include the following:Description of your selected genreDescription of the film’s following components:Summary of the film’s storySetting & lightingMakeup & costumesMusic & soundDiscussion of the film as either typical or atypical of its respective genre and how each film’s components support your viewAddress fictional aspects of film as discussed in Ch. 6 of Filmby writing the following for inclusion on one Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide:Create your own genre movie character and write a goal for your character, a conflict he or she encounters, and how he or she resolves the conflict and achieves the goal.

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